Services & Assistance available to Foreign Investors and other Clients

1. Advice on the Law Relating to Investment in Kenya

The firm offers advice on the law relating to investment in Kenya including:

• The buying and selling of shares
• Equity derivatives
• Hedging of risks
• Tax rebates and tax holidays
• Offshore lending
• Banking
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Investing in Government Securities
• Consumer Protection law
• Competition law

The firm also offers analytical and interpretive advice on various laws touching on investment in Kenya including:
• The Investment Promotion Act
• The Capital Markets Authority Act
• The Companies Act
• The Banking Act
• The Registration of Business Names Act
• The Partnership Act
• The Limited Partnerships Act

2. Property Acquisition
The firm prepares various instruments in respect of the disposition of land including:
• Sale Agreements
• Transfers
• Leases
• Assignments
• Conveyances

The firm assists in the obtaining of various consents required for dealing in land:
• Consent from the Commissioner of Lands and Registrar of Titles
• Consent from the Land Control Board in respect of Agricultural Land
• Consent from Local Authorities in respect of Trust Land
• Consent from other bodies such as the Civil Aviation Authority, Kenya Railways Corporation

The firm also carries out various tasks related to the acquisition of property including attending to the Lands Office to;

• conduct searches
• carry out Stamp Duty evaluations
• carry out registration of various instruments
The firm advises on the law relating to estate development and offers services of incorporation of Housing Management Companies and also advises on reputability of real estate agents and valuers.

3. Licensing and Approval Procedure
The firm assists in obtaining requisite trading licences and approvals from the following bodies and authorities:
• Government Authorities
• Local Authorities
• Lands Office
• Non Governmental Organisations Co-ordination Board
• Kenya Intellectual Property Institute
• National Environmental Management Authority
• Water Resources Management Authority
• Department of Mines and Geology
• Forest Board

4. Formation of various models of Business Organisations The firm offers services of formation of various models of business organisations including:
• Companies
• Sole Proprietorships
• Partnerships
• Joint-Ventures
• Franchises

5. Immigration Law Matters
The firm offers advice on immigration law in Kenya including:
• visa requirements
• obtaining of work permits
• minimum standards required of foreign companies and investors.
• Defending clients in court over immigration violations.